Reinventing Street Lighting For A Smart And Sustainable Future

The Evolution of The Streetlight

Introducing The Future

¡Lamp Oregon has secured from Conflow Power Group the exclusive license to sell, distribute, manufacture, market and sublicense rights for iLamp in Oregon and Washington

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iLamp Smart Streetlight

An integrated system of solutions


iLamp is poised to be a key component in the world of the Internet of Things "IoT", with a wide range of applications for our smart streetlights.

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iLamp Real Estate Inside Our Pole

Revolutionary Smart Streetlight

iLamp, the future of street lighting, goes beyond simple illumination. It's a self-powered, modular, and easily identifiable smart lighting system.

Revenue Generation

iLamp offers an innovative platform for third-party modules, turning street lamps into a valuable, rentable real estate that generates consistent revenue.

Supporting Net-Zero Targets

iLamp's self-powering capacity helps cities reduce carbon footprints and make strides toward climate goals.

Integrated Advanced Systems

iLamp allows the integration of advanced camera and communication systems for improved monitoring, faster emergency response, and better adaptability to traffic conditions.

Public Health, Safety, and Security

iLamp enhances public wellbeing by providing light, power, security, and critical data for overall public health and safety.

Powerful Modular System

Easily add new modules to expand the capabilities of iLamp, including 24/7 360° video, Auto-Light, WiFi, EV charging, 5G connectivity, gunshot detection, and a suite of environmental sensors.

Power as a Service (PaaS)

Partner with local power companies to become autonomous utility suppliers, offering green kilowatt-hours (GkWh) of self-generated power.

Optimized Lighting Conditions

iLamp ensures optimal lighting for roads and highways, enhancing visibility, and contributing to the Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries.

Versatile Installation

iLamp can be installed in public spaces, co-operated with utilities, deployed by developers, or owned by private entities for campuses, car parks, industrial parks, and more.

Mobility Charging

Grid enable iLamp can act as a charging station for electric scooters, bikes and phones, with revenue deposited to your account. Partners coming soon.

iLamp has reinvented what a streetlamp is... Once considered an unavoidable cost, now created as a profit centre.

Building a Plan for a Smart Sustainable Future

Working together we will build a smart infrastructure that supplies communities with safe renewable energy that is affordable and reliable. Lets make all street lights profit centers instead of cost centers.. where security and communication are enhanced. iLamp is smart real estate inside our poles. Space can be reserved for a variety of data driven activities. ¡Lamp operates off-grid, or with on-grid power as a backup and will reduce the strain on the grid. Everyone benefits from iLamp's smart technology.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to provide uncompromising integrity, environmental stewardship, continuous research and emerging technologies for our customers, and partners searching for reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions.

It is our passion to bring our customers and partners smart streetlighting systems directly to communities across Oregon and Washington, showcasing their efficiency and transformational potential.

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iLamp Oregon inaugural royalty announcement

In 2023, iLamp Oregon achieved a 24% return on investment (ROI), paving the way for significant milestones in the upcoming year. By implementing the business scaling model developed by ILOCX, the value of iLamp Oregon's licenses has surged from $1.00 to $2.40 each upon the payment of royalties—a 240% increase. iLamp Oregon has successfully marketed promotional licenses and a territorial sub-license within the state of Oregon, with the initial round of promotional licenses completely sold out.

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The documents available below support the roll out of the iLamp territorial license in the state of Oregon.