Bill Gibbons


Bill Gibbons is an author, innovator, visionary, entrepreneur, and disruptor.  He has designed radical approaches to learning and the use of technology that have transformed America. He founded HOSTS Learning, which was recognized by two US presidents and congress as a model educational practice for America. The National Chamber of Commerce identified HOSTS Learning as one of the top four entrepreneurial companies in the U.S. and presented them the Blue Chip Enterprise Award.

Bill, along with Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager, was featured in the book “Giving Back”—Using Your Influence to Create Social Change.” 

Bill is a servant leader with a God-sized vision focused on impacting communities and improving their quality of life. He firmly believes that the iLamp with its innovative technology will become one of the major leaders and contributors of renewable clean energy in the United States and abroad, supplying communities with safe, reliable and affordable energy. 

On a more personal level, Bill and his life partner and wife Beverly have three precious children, two daughters,
Jennifer and Dawn and a son Stacy.  Bill and Bev live in Vancouver, Washington.  They give all glory and honor to Jesus Christ for their life work.

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